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We are excited you are checking out Grace! As a church, our mission is to make disciples devoted to following Christ. Whether you are a new believer, a lifelong member, or you are unsure of what you believe, we want to welcome you to Grace. We are excited to tell you about the good news of Jesus Christ. If you want to read more about what to expect at Grace, read the questions below. If you would like to get connected or would like more info about our church, click the "connect" button below and one of our pastors will be in contact with you.

What time do services start?

During the school year, we have Sunday School at 9:15 am and a church service at 10:30 am. This schedule goes from the Sunday after Labor Day to the Sunday one week before Memorial Day. During the summer, we have one church service at 9:30 am.

How should I dress?

Come as you are! We don't have a dress code. If you would like to dress up, that's great! If you are more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, that is just fine too! 

Is childcare available?

The nursery is available for children ages 0 - 3. Because safety is a top priority at Grace, our trusted nursery workers will help you check-in your child(ren) to ensure their safety. The nursery workers will provide your little ones with play time so you can have the opportunity to better focus during the worship service.

Do you have Sunday School?

Sunday School is at 9:15 am on Sundays, September through May. We have Sunday School classes for kids age 4 through high school, as well as an adult class. Childcare for kids ages 0 - 3 is available in the nursery during Sunday School.

Is there a nursing area available?

There is a room on the west end that is available for moms who are nursing. 

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